Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kids Say the Funniest Things!

I’ve always found it amusing to talk to kids. Whenever I’m really, really bored, there’s nothing like a kiddie conversation to liven things up. They always give a simple, fresh, innocent perspective on every topic.

Here are snippets of conversations with my 5-year old niece, 7-year old nephew, and my younger sister when she was round about that age range.

On a rainy day, a conversation between my younger and elder sisters…
Younger sister: San galing yung rain? (Where does the rain come from?)
Elder sister: Sa clouds (From the clouds)
Younger sister: You mean, butas-butas yung clouds? (You mean clouds are full of holes?)

My sister and mom, listening to Joe D’Mango’s radio show:
“Mommy, si Joe ba, tao or mango?” (“Mommy, is Joe a person or a mango?”)

My sister, somewhat panicked, while watching a tv show wherein the mom grew old and was played by another actress…
“Mommy, when you grow older, will you still be my mommy?”

Planning a day at the Ontario Science Center with my niece and nephew…
Nephew: Oh, you’ll see invisible woman when we take you to the Science Center!
Me: How will I see her if she’s invisible?
Nephew: Hmm… hehehehehe! (Eyes looking up, trying to find a logical explanation)
Niece: Of course you’ll see her! She’s just invisible on tv but you’ll see her when we go there! (Rolled eyes after the sentence. If “idiot” were part of her vocabulary, that’s probably what was on her mind at that time.)

Playing with my niece, I see her crinkling her nose…
Me: Oh no! Don’t do that to your nose!
Niece: Do what?
Me: That thing you just did to your nose (Scared to demonstrate it myself. Even that short demo might give me wrinkles!)
Niece: This? (Again crinkling her nose)
Me, panicked: Yes! That! Stop doing that!
Niece: Why? (Still with her nose crinkled)
Me, even more panicked: Because you’ll regret it when you grow older!
Niece: Why? (Turns to look at her still crinkled nose in the mirror)
Suffice to say, we had a 3 minute “Why” discussion, with her nose crinkled the entire time until she was satisfied with my explanations!

My niece, when they came over for a vacation…
Niece: Lolo, when will you visit us in Canada?
Lolo: I don’t think I can visit you because I’m scared to ride the airplane.
Niece: Huuhh? I don’t understand why you’re scared to ride the airplane. You just get on the plane, sit down, and that’s it! (Complete with hand gestures to emphasize the simplicity of air travel)

Out of the blue, during a long road trip to the US:
Niece: Tita, are you EVER going to have babies? (As if she’s been waiting for as long as my parents have been for me to get married and have kids!)
Me: I need to find a husband first before that happens!
Nephew: How about Mr. X from our school? (Ooh! My nephew, the matchmaker!)


Cielo said...

I Love this..... hehehhee

“Mommy, si Joe ba, tao or mango?” (“Mommy, is Joe a person or a mango?”)

Charmed Blossoms said...

hahahahaha! thanks for dropping by, cielo!

JesuLalaine said...

its soo cute!!

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