Friday, May 23, 2008

dNeero Surveys

You may have noticed that I frequently post surveys from

In case you're not familiar with dNeero, it's a site that allows you to earn for every conversation (survey) you join. Unlike another survey site I've signed up for, dNeero comes out with surveys for non-US residents quite frequently (as is evident in the no. of surveys I've posted so far). It's very easy to answer these surveys because they're short anly take a few minutes of your time. What's more, you get extra cash by simply posting your answers on your blog and generating impressions for it for 5 days. True, this will only earn you a few dollars per survey, but given the minimal time and effort that you'll be investing, I personally find it a much-welcomed opportunity to earn extra cash.

Click here now if you'd like to start earning online by simply answering surveys!


Hideout Getaway said...

Sis, this is your message in my blog "hi! i added you to my links. please add me too. thanks!" Gee, I didn't see my name here.

Anyway, I have linked your blog now, check it out. Please don't forget to link me as well. Thank you.

Filipino in Canada said...

hi sis! same here. i enjoy answering their surveys too. :)

charmed blossoms said...

hi filipino in canada! i actually found out about it through your site! thanks!

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