Sunday, May 11, 2008

That's My Share!

My family loves food. It's what brings us all together. Aside from breakfast, we eat all other meals and snacks together. And like most people sharing food, we oftentimes have to fight for our share.

But unlike most food-loving people sharing a meal, my family always fights for the smallest piece. And when there's an extra piece on the table, there's always a discussion on who should eat that last piece. If 2 people agree to half it, they try to beat each other in cutting the piece so that they can cut it off-center and grab the smaller piece. We're more like snackers, you see, so as much as we love food, we can only eat it in small portions. It's not even because we're figure-conscious. In fact, we could use a few more pounds here and there. But, somehow, our bodies never got accustomed to eating a lot.

Just a few hours ago, over dinner at a restaurant, I hurriedly grabbed a piece of appetizer as soon as the waiter laid the plate down. "I got the smallest piece! BEH!" My sister replied, "HAHA! Mine is smaller than that!" Apparently she managed to grab the smallest piece while my eyes were watching the waiter pull his hand off the table! And as always, we left that restaurant with a bag full of leftovers we'll be eating for lunch tomorrow.


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